Start Me Up

A regular entrepreneur event aims to make networking more fun.

The man is Patrick Rife, co-founder of Startup Soirée, a regular event that brings the local business community together. After he completes a final loop, he invites Innovation Village’s Richard May onto the rink. Rife introduces May and outlines the concept behind Innovation Village, a program designed to bring economic growth to Central West Baltimore, before the pair launches into an off-the-cuff discussion about race, class, entrepreneurship, and access to technology through the lens of May’s project. The rapt crowd leans against the walls of the rink, too engaged by the conversation to remove their skates first...



UMD/Morgan State EDA Center Leverages New Funding to Network Statewide University Resources

"In addition to establishing a statewide network of university-based economic developers, the EDA Center will focus on three major objectives over the next five years:

Assist in the Development of Innovation Districts, Including Baltimore's Innovation Village. Faculty/student-driven urban planning efforts at both universities will support the project."

EAGB Got Funding to List Baltimore's Hot Innovation Spots

"As defined by the Brookings Institution, innovation districts involve clustering anchor institutions or big companies in dense areas with startups and incubators. Areas with amenities for work and play are also a plus. That sort of planning is taking place with Innovation Village in Central West Baltimore."