Baltimore's Emerging Food Economy: Social Enterprise & Job Creation

  • Woodberry Kitchen 2010 Clipper Park Road Baltimore, MD 21211

Baltimore City sits on a new frontier of local food distribution with multiple public and private initiatives now or soon to be underway. Policy priorities are to deliver fresh, nutritious food to all City neighborhoods and eliminate the food deserts which now occupy 25% of the City, and impact 30% of City children.

There is no single remedy for creating a viable, sustainable food chain, and each of our speakers addresses a feature: Production, distribution, institutional food service and retail, and restaurants. The new food economy is a major growth sector and impetus for economic development. Small urban farms and food hubs spur entrepreneurship which create social networks and give an identity to the communities where they are located. They are especially beneficial to urban economies with their capacity for job training with less of an educational barrier to employment and for spurring community development.

Baltimore Efficiency & Economy Foundation is a catalyst for action dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Baltimore City government and the City’s quality of life.

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